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El Musel practitioners invest 740,000 euros in a new boat

The boat "Vigía" increases the safety of the service, which is also reinforced with another 150,000 euros for the change of engines of the "Amosucas"

-Source: La nueva España-

The Gijón Practical Corporation, which is in charge of piloting ships entering and leaving El Musel, has invested 740,000 euros in the acquisition of a third boat, called "Vigía", built at the Safe Haven shipyards in Cork, And which joins the "Serrapio" and the "Amosucas". In the latter, have invested another 150,000 euros to put more powerful engines.

The presentation of the boat "Vigía" took place in Marina Yates and the event was attended by Rafael Rodríguez Valero, general director of the Merchant Marine; Laureano Lourido, president of the Port Authority of Gijón, the head of the Captaincy of Gijón, Ignacio Fernandez Fidalgo, second in command of the Command of the Navy of Gijón, Luis Antonio Garcia and Angel Caballero, senior practitioner of the Corporation of Practical Of Gijón.

The new boat, "allows navigation in severe weather conditions, increasing safety, which results in better quality and safety of the service," said Caballero. The expansion of the port of El Musel has forced the pilots to move further away from the coast to meet the ships. Caballero said that one of the innovations of this boat is that it has the V-shaped helmet, "based on levita power and goes above water" and has "falps" that offer greater stability, in addition to more powerful engines .

The Corporation, integrated in Gijón by six pilots is one of the basic technical-nautical services of El Musel that guarantee the security in the entrance and exit of ships. For the general director of the Merchant Navy, "this boat represents the involvement of the pilots in the ports." The President of the Port considered that the new boat is "the physical expression that the pilotage service seeks excellence for the Port" and recalled that tugboats and tugs have also made investments recently.